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It had been a long time since the last evening they spent together. She hadn’t even thought of him for a long, long time. And there she was, so peaceful, so tender, reading the first (and last) book he gave to her. She never knew exactly what kind of relationship they had, but she always knew that it was unique. But one day, in the blink of an eye, it was gone. And there she was, on a train, leaving the only connection they still had: Boston. Blaming him, forsaking him.

It was a calm way but all of a sudden she recognized a voice. Her heart started to beat so fast that she almost couldn’t breath. It was him, for sure. She immediately turned to find his eyes but instead she found a stranger. A completely stranger she had never seen before with a voice she won’t forget. She couldn’t help talking to him and he had to gab with her. She was amazed with the things the stranger said. The same things he used to say. She was fascinated with the situation she was living and she wondered if it was a sign. But the next station was New York and this was her destination. She put her coat on and said “so long”. And all the stranger said was: “we’ll forget the tears we’ve cried”.

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